Complete solar energy specialists in Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast

If you’re considering a more sustainable way to meet your energy needs, you’ve come to the right place. At Everyday Energy, we specialise in providing comprehensive solar solutions to residential and commercial clients. Solar energy is not just an alternative; it’s necessary for a sustainable future. By harnessing the sun’s free energy, you can reduce electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Our range of solar services

  • Solar panels: The heart of any solar system, we offer various panels tailored to your needs.
  • Batteries: Store excess energy with our range of reliable solar batteries.
  • Inverters: Convert solar energy into usable electricity with our high-quality inverters.
  • EV charger installation: Make the transition to electric vehicles smoother with our EV charging stations.
  • Off-grid solutions: Live independently with our self-sustainable solar systems.

Our reputation as trusted solar power specialists in the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong, and the Surf Coast Region is built on years of reliable service and thousands of satisfied customers. Joshua Garbutt and our team of experts are here to guide you through the solar installation process from start to finish.

Investing in solar is an investment in the futureโ€”your future and the planet’s. Don’t let another sunny day go to waste. Contact Joshua and the team at Everyday Energy to kickstart your journey to sustainable living.

Tesla Powerwall solar battery installed on side of Geelong home

Solar batteries add an extra layer of independence to your solar power system. With them, you can store excess electricity produced during the day for use during the night or cloudy days, making your household even more self-sufficient. Each brand has its own set of features, and we’re here to help you choose the best fit for your needs. Everyday Energy offers the following brands of batteries: Sungrow (classic) battery sales and installation BYD (premium) battery sales and installation Enphase...

EV charger installed on side of weatherboard home in Geelong
EV charger installation

Having an at-home charging station offers unparalleled convenience, letting you start each day with a full “tank” without the need for a detour to public charging stations. Our diverse range of chargers is suited to various requirements, allowing you to choose the best for your electric vehicle: Myenergy Zappi EV charger sales and installation Fronius Wattpilot sales and installation Telsa GEN 3 EV charger sales and installation With Joshua Garbutt and the team at your service, EV charger installation becomes...

Sungrow classic solar inverter installed in Newtown, Geelong home

A well-functioning inverter ensures you make the most out of every sunray, boosting your solar system’s efficiency and maximising energy savings. They’re a critical part of your solar setup; choosing the right one can significantly affect your system’s performance. We offer an array of inverters tailored to different needs, whether you’re looking for durability, ease of use, or advanced features: Sungrow (classic) inverter sales and installation Goodwe (classic) inverter sales and installation Fronius (premium) inverter sales and installation Enphase (premium...

Off grid home and shed on green hill with solar supply in Geelong
Off grid (self-sustainable) homes

Living off-grid means zero reliance on public utilities, making you the master of your energy consumption. It’s an empowering way to live more sustainably. Joshua Garbutt and our dedicated team have years of experience setting up off-grid solar systems. You can trust us to provide a seamless transition to a self-sufficient lifestyle right here in the Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong, and the Surf Coast region. Do you have a bush block project in the Otways? We can help. If you’ve ever...

Solar panels installed on Geelong home
Solar panels

Solar panels are the heartbeat of any solar system, converting the sun’s rays into electricity that powers your home or business. Investing in a solar panel system is a smart move towards sustainability, lowering energy bills and boosting property value. With so many brands out there it’s hard to know what you are getting. At Everyday Energy we use quality solar panel brands such as Trina, Jinko and REC. While some other brands only come with 12- or 15-year warranties,...