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Completion dateMay 2023
Project LocationClifton Springs

When a Clifton Springs homeowner decided to embrace the future of energy by upgrading to an electric car and achieving self-sufficiency overnight, Everyday Energy stepped in with an innovative solution.

Everyday Energy, a trusted name in renewable energy solutions, took on the EV charger installation project for their client. Their goal was clear: to make the transition to electric vehicle ownership as seamless and sustainable as possible. Here’s how Everyday Energy made it happen:

  • 2 x Fronius Primo 5kW inverters
  • 1 x BYD HVM 13.8 kWh battery
  • 32 x Trina 430W solar panels
  • Clenergy Hollywood all-black rails and fittings
  • 1 x Fronius Wattpilot EV charger

This comprehensive system enables the homeowner to exclusively charge their electric car with surplus solar power, reducing both carbon footprint and electricity costs. High-quality Trina solar panels efficiently harness solar energy, with Fronius Primo 5kW inverters ensuring effective conversion. The BYD HVM battery provides a reliable backup for uninterrupted power supply.

Everyday Energy’s installation includes elegant Clenergy Hollywood fittings and a hassle-free Fronius Wattpilot EV charger. Thanks to Everyday Energy’s expertise, the homeowner enjoys sustainable, self-sufficient energy and contributes positively to the environment.

Ready to enhance your self-sufficiency? Contact Everyday Energy today.

Fronius EV charger installed in Clifton Springs home